Authorised Rego Inspections & Pink Slips

Fully Authorised Inspection Station (AIS)

Car Registration Inspection Station

Ok, now here is something that comes around exactly every 12 months, to the day! When you have to re-register your car there are three steps:

  1. Get a Pink Slip (that’s the safety inspection)
  2. Get a Green Slip (that’s the compulsory 3rd part personal insurance)
  3. Pay the registration fee to the RMS (that’s the Roads and Maritime Service)

At Balgowlah Automotive we can handle it all for you, a “one stop shop” if you like. We can do the Pink Slip inspection while you wait, this is a requirement for all vehicles older than 5 years of age (allow about 20 minutes for the inspection). If you bring all your paper work, we’ll process everything for you so you can leave us with a fully registered car ! The only thing we charge for is the inspection fee ! Please call on 89769400 to arrange a time for us to do the inspection.

Please note: Rego inspections take place between 7:40am and 2:10pm , every 20 minutes.

Now for Blue slips. If your car runs out of rego for more than 3 months, or if you bring a car from interstate, or for whatever reason you have an un-registered vehicle, then you need a Blue Slip inspection. This inspection covers the normal Pink slip safety inspection plus a more thorough check of the vehicle history. Then of course you’ll still need a Green Slip before a trip to the RMS office to complete the paperwork and receive your new number plates. By all means call back to see us and we’ll fit the new plates for you.

One final thing, as there are no rego labels now, the visual reminder to renew your registration is no longer staring us in the face. We now offer a service for our customers where we send you a text message reminder approximately a month before the registration is due.

Rego Inspection

Providing car Regristration Inspections for Sydney’s Northern Beaches, including:

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