Fuel Injection & Engine Tuning

Car not running well?

A word about Fuel Injection & Engine tuning

Now here is an interesting subject. In the “good ‘ol days” there always seemed to be something you could tinker with, like resetting points and timing or adjusting the carburettor. With today’s cars there is really nothing to do except change spark plugs about every 100,000 km. All cars these days are controlled by little computers so nothing really goes “out of adjustment”. In fact, the only variable with our cars today is the fuel we put in. Pretty much with petrol engine cars we have a choice of 3 fuels we can use, that being: premium unleaded 98, unleaded 95 or the ethanol blend called E10.

Car salesmen and oil companies will tell us that our cars can run on the cheaper E10 fuel, and they can. But here’s the thing, not all fuels are equal! That’s right, it’s not a level playing field. Let me explain …

Premium 98 unleaded petrol contains more energy than E10 (which is a blend of ethanol & unleaded 91 fuel). Because of this you will travel further on a tank of premium 98 than you will on a tank of E10. Over a year of use, the price difference will be negligible, if any, as the E10 users will have to fill up more often. There are other advantages in using premium 98 over E10, including greater performance and better cleaning properties for the fuel system.

If you use the cheapest fuel available, then, over time, your car may experience one or all of the following :

  • Doesn’t start quite as well as it used to
  • Idles roughly when waiting at traffic lights, etc
  • Hesitates slightly when taking off
  • Just not running as well as when I first had it

If this is the case we recommend you try a couple of tanks of premium 98 and see if this resolves your problem. If you are still experiencing issues after using premium fuel then by all means book your car in and one of our experienced team will diagnose the problem for you. And of course, to ensure your car is always running at peak performance we recommend regularly servicing your car.

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