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It goes without saying that batteries are important to a car (providing the power to start your car always helps!), but never have they been so important as today. With all the electronics in our vehicles the one thing a car needs to function properly is a stable voltage supply, and that starts with the battery.

Prior to all the computerised gadgets in cars, the battery would provide the power to start the engine and then it would combine with the alternator to run the lights, windshield wipers, radio & demister. Now it’s different! In addition to those “basic” functions cars now have computers running just about everything. Engines, transmissions, steering, brakes, dashboard electronics, sound systems, video systems, seat controls, you name it and it will need electrical power to run it!

There are already some vehicles today which have 2 batteries fitted in the car to make sure everything can cope. The battery in the coming years will change dramatically as engineers & scientists work on ways to provide more power from smaller units (your mobile phone is a classic example of that). Fully electric cars are already with us so the mass production of them is only just round the corner.

At Balgowlah Automotive, whenever we have your car in for servicing we test the condition of the battery. A printed report on the car battery “state of health” can go a long way to help prevent that awful moment when you jump in the car, hit the ignition and nothing happens! If you have any concerns about the battery in your car or you need a replacement car battery feel free to call in for a “battery health check”.

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