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Brake Service & Repair

Without a doubt its imperative to keep your cars brakes in good working order. At Balgowlah Auto we offer full brake servicing, including brake pad and shoe replacement.

Brake Servicing - Repair & Replacement


When we service your car and make sure it is running well, we also make sure it is going to stop ! The majority of cars are used locally, whether it be running the kids to school, doing the shopping, driving to work or meeting friends for coffee or lunch. In any of these events you probably will use your brakes more often than during a trip to Canberra and back. Given that scenario it’s not surprising that your brakes will wear out a lot quicker than you think. The other factor is the braking materials used today are a lot softer, which on the plus side gives us all outstanding braking but, on the minus side, they wear out a lot quicker (as well as leaving that awful black dust on your wheels!)

As most cars have that wonderful safety feature known as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), it is vitally important that the correct brake materials are fitted. Use the wrong material and not only can the efficiency of the brakes be compromised but there will generally be an awful squealing sound every time you put the brakes on.

Another feature of the modern car are the warning systems that are fitted. For the braking system this is another great feature as it will give you plenty of warning when there is a malfunction or if the brakes are simply nearing the end of their life. It does mean though that once any brake parts are replaced the computer may need to be reset to allow for the new items.

At Balgowlah Automotive we always make sure that you have the correct brake parts fitted as well as communicating with your vehicle’s computer to keep it updated.

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