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Car Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Is your car air conditioning not working effectively or due for its regular service? Our fully certified and experienced team at Balgowlah Auto will service your AC using the latest equipment and technology, ensuring you are kept cool this summer!

Air Conditioning Servicing


In order to keep your car air conditioning in top working order, it is advised that an inspection and service be carried out every 12 months. This is particularly prudent before summer arrives.

Why Do I need to get my air conditioning serviced?

Due to natural wear and tear on components your cars air conditioning system will gradually leak refrigerant gas over time, making your system less effective.

Please note, its important to turn on your air conditioner regularly to make sure its working effectively. If for example your system runs out of refrigerant gas and is not used for several months, components such as internal seals can dry out, introducing major leaks at these points. These leaks in your air conditioning system can significantly add to costs when your system is serviced or re-gassed.

Is your car air conditioning cold enough?

If you notice that your air con is not cooling your car effectively, this is a sign it will need a service and re-gassing. Balgowlah Auto offer a complete air conditioning service where we check all hoses and connections for leaks, compressor condition, condenser filter, pressure and performance testing, etc.

Do you have an odd smell when your car air conditioning is on?

This can happen from time to time, its more common in older cars or when the air-con has not been used for some time. The smell is commonly associated with bacteria, mould, etc occurring in the air conditioning vents on the evaporator. This can be resolved with an anti-bacterial treatment that destroys the growth.

Balgowlah Auto are fully ARC certified, trained and have the latest air conditioning service and re-gassing equipment. If your car air conditioning needs a service or repair get in touch with one of friendly team today.

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